Ch Hannes von Müllers Grund

Hannes, call name "Saxon", is a German import, from Müllers Grund kennel.  Thank you Rita and Friedrich for sharing this beautiful boy with me!  And to my good friends, Buff and Sherry Little, my deepest appreciation for your loving care of Saxon.  His legacy of solid temperament and beautiful breed type, lives on in his progeny.


Ch Hannes von Müllers Grund

AKC #WS44679601, DOB: 3/13/13-1/28/20 (histio), CHIC, vWd clear, SOD1A DM carrier, SOD1B DM clear, AKC DNA#V700709, OFA hips good, elbows normal. OFA eyes normal, OFA heart normal. He finished his AKC Championship with 4 majors with limited showing. Pre-Histio index: A

Iwan v Maroyke

Veteran Champion, BSZU 10003 (Germany); DOB: 2/7/09-12/17/18; HD-A/A; ED-0/0; OCD-F, exon 1 DM normal, exon 2 DM normal, pre histio index B, height: 66.5 cm

Int Ch Figo van 't Maroyke

LOSH 1004243; DOB: 10/1/06-4/14/16, 10 yo; HD-B/B; ED-0/0, OCD-F

Chopin de l'Hamiau du Mont

LOSH 0942280; HD-A/A; ED-0/0; DOB: 10/12/03-2014, 11 yo; wt.: 56 kg; ht.: 67 cm

Int. Ch. Zorbha van 't Stokerybos

LOSH 0876652; HD-B/B; ED-0/0; DOB: 10/29/00-11/30/09, 9 yo

Yka de l'Hamiau du Mont

LOSH 0841850; HD-B/B; DOB: 1/30/99-11/09, 10 yo

Int. Ch. Britny van 't Maroyke

LOSH 0918061; HD-A/A; DOB: 8/28/02-10/21/10, 8 yo

Int CH Xzorba Van’t Stokerybos

LOSH#0822005, DOB: 4/12/98—4/10, 12 yo, HD A-B; ED 0/0

Xsissy van 't Maroyke

LOSH 0837567; HD-B/B; DOB: 12/11/98-8/31/05

Maglod-Falvi Sofie

MET 8747/06; HD-A1; ED-0/0; DOB: 9/4/06-12/8/12 (Csection complication)

Arrkan van’t Maroyke

DOB 6/30/01-3/2/08 (burst artery to the heart/aneurism), #LOSH0890012 (Belgium) , HD A/A, hips excellent, ED 0/0, elbows normal, Vetgen #44306 von Willebrands normal, OCD clear, temperament tested by Belgische Berner Sennen Club 2/1/03, pre histio index "C"

Yorcki van 't Maroyke

(Belgium)LOSH#0840356, DOB: 2/18/99-04 (hit by car) Hips: B good; Elbows: 0 normal

Xhara van 't Maroyke

LOSH# 0829999, HD B hips good; E 0/0 elbows normal DOB 7/11/98-2/07; 8 yo, cancer

Ch Angie vom Seckachtal

MET.BSH.1711/H/OO; HD-B/B; ED-0; height: 61 cm; DOB: 10/14/99-1/2/10 (tumor), 10 yo

Quento von Bernetta

SHSB 544843, HD A/A; ED 0/0; OCD frei, DOB: 8/1/96-4/24/07, 10 yo

Ulla von der Krummen Ebene

BSZ 97214, HD A/A; ED 0/0; OCD frei, DOB: 6/3/97-7/08, 11 yo

CH Quincy von Müllers Grund

DOB: 8/13/07-4/13 (suspected meningitis), #DCBS/BSZ 07297 (Germany), HD A/A; ED 0/0, OCD Frei

CH Easy vom Scheimatthof

SHSB 616756, HD A/A; ED 0/0; OCD frei, DOB: 12/31/02-11/27/12, 9 yo

Int CH Yörg von der Holderstockhöhe

SSV-BS 31467, HD A/A; ED 0/0, 69 cm, DOB: 3/17/96-8/8/04, 8 yo

Int CH Qaey van de Klaverhoeve

LOSH 690552, DOB: 6/4/92-8/11/00 (neck injury), 8 yo, HD B; ED-0

Int CH Perle von der Holderstockhöhe

SSV-BS 24952, HD B; ED 0/0, DOB: 2/28/98-9/00, 8 yo

Riana vom Scheimatthof

SHSB 563025, HD A/A; ED 0/0, DOB: 3/23/98-7/4/03 (fetal toxicity during pregnancy; heart inflammation)

VT UDH CH Ulfilas v Stoeckle

SSV-BS 26596 (Germany); DOB: 4/23/93-5/3/00 (stroke), 7 yo, HD A/A; ED 0/0

Elia v. Kneubühl

SHSB 470453, HD A/A; ED 0/0, DOB: 3/17/91-9/1/00, 9 yo

Hexe von Müllers Grund

SSZ 45784, HD A/A; ED 0/0; OCD frei, DOB: 12/5/04-5/20/11 (lung infection/pneumonia)

Xtralarge van de Weyenberg

LOSH 818641, HD A/A; ED 0/0, OCD frei, DOB: 3/3/98-9/26/08, 10 yo

Bersennas Hamlet Prince of Denmark

DKK 12803/93, HD A/A; ED 0/0, DOB: 5/26/93-4/14/03 (euthanized for unexplained neck pain), 9 yo

Tjalfe van de Weyenberg

LOSH 759471, HD A/A, 8/29/95-12/13/05, 10 yo

Vita von Müllers Grund

SSV-BS 39253, HD A/A; ED 0/0, DOB: 8/24/00-4/29/13, 12 yo

Kumpel vom Eichholzer Tal

SSV-BS 33172, HD A/A; ED 0/0; DOB: 3/11/97-9/14/05, 8 yo

Quina von Müllers Grund

SSV-BS 34009, HD A-A; ED 0/0, 6/22/97-4/30/04 (tick disease)